From the moment we moved into our monumental farm, dating from 1733, we have been working to prepare the plans for the renovation. The realisation of these plans will result in a nice space for the gallery and a Bed and Breakfast. When we obtained the permits and the approval for the subsidy the world was hit by the credit crisis. The result is that we still don't have the financial means to start the renovation. That is why we started to look for investors/sponsors that are willing to help us. More information can be found on

On display in the gallery are paintings, drawings and painted stones handcrafted by the German nature painter Horst Künne.

Horst Künne
Horst Künne (1943) is a talented nature painter from Werdohl (Germany). During his childhood he developed a love and deep understanding of nature. Later on this was very useful to him being a professional hunter. As a result of his education, work and motivation he has become a great expert on nature. On linen, paper and stone he records migrating ducks, the slumbering roebuck and the herd whilst in season in the mist and at daybreak. Using his excellent techniques he captures the light of the moment. Also very special is the way he captures the mood of the animal by its eyes and in the close-ups. Recording in this way can only be done by the expert and artist!

The paintings
A selection of Horst's work can be seen on the website under Gallery. In case you are interested in a painting, visit or would like to have more information, please contact us.

From several paintings, we have produced picture postcards. Examples can be seen on the gallery website. The picture postcards are available through the webshop. Besides that there are also painted stones, sketches and napkins available in the webshop. Nice to give as a present, nice to receive.